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Rental Equipment Services In Omaha, NE
Rental Services In Omaha, NE

Equipment requires knowledge and care. That is why we do not leave at the door when you rent. Check out some of our other rental services below to help you with your project and equipment needs.

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Blizz Rentals Rental Equipment Services Tutorials & Delivery
Rental Equipment Delivery & Tutorial Services In Omaha, NE


Don't have time to pick it up? Blizz Rentals now offers rental delivery straight to your job site as long as it is in the Omaha area.

There is a learning curve to anything new.

If you need help operating your rental equipment, we are here for you. Our friendly staff offers 1 on 1 tutorials for all of our rental equipment that way you do not have to be nervous to use a new piece of machinery for the first time. Many customers enjoy this service, as it adds a personal touch to their overall experience.

Blizz Rentals offer a wide variety of other equipment rental services to the great Omaha area. Including on-site rental equipment delivery and one on one equipment tutorials to help you learn how to use your new rental.

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